Founded in 1987 and based in Louisville, KY, Charah Solutions (NYSE: CHRA) is a leading provider of mission-critical environmental services and byproduct recycling to the power generation industry. Today, we have operations in over 40 coal-fired power plants across the country and routinely handle or beneficiate more than 20 million tons of ash each year. As a sustainability leader in utility services for over 30 years, Charah Solutions is dedicated to preserving natural resources in an environmentally conscious manner through large scale environmental remediation and redevelopment projects. Sustainability is a Charah Solutions core value, and Charah Solutions focuses its business on developing innovative solutions to complex environmental issues for the betterment of the planet, the communities in which it operates, its customers and its investors. Charah Solutions sustainability services reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease landfill disposal, remediate land for community and business use, conserve natural resources, and protect waterways.

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